Legacy Endowment

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” – John F. Kennedy Jr.

Give Today — Guarantee Tomorrow

Why Legacy? Because together we impact the future! Create a lasting legacy to align your values with the temple’s needs.

Our Legacy Endowment is designed to ensure that Temple Beth Sholom has a strong financial future. With a robust endowment, we’ll be able to avoid substantial increases in membership and service fees while continually meeting the same level of excellence in all that we do.

The endowment generates additional income through conservative investment of its principal. The percentage of the interest that the endowment produces is then used to offset operating budget expenses.

By creating your legacy gift, we can ensure that a safety net is in place to protect and strengthen our beloved Temple Beth Sholom and Innovative School community for many years to come.

Your legacy gift of any size can be customized to fit your lifestyle, family, and financial situation. There are a multitude of options for donating today or for planning ahead, so that your family can be remembered for its visionary support.

Contact: Katy Boyask, Director of Advancement at katy@tbsmb.org or 786.406.1375.



Many donations to Temple Beth Sholom are exempt from gift and estate taxes and may even have capital gains and income tax benefits. Please consult your tax advisor.

Ways to give include: 

CASH (Payable over 1, 5 or 10 years)

  • Income tax deductible
  • Flexible pledge terms
  • See the impact of your gift during your lifetime



  • An easy way to leave a legacy.
  • Exempt from federal estate tax.
  • Bequests should specify Temple Beth Sholom, for allocation to The Rabbi Gary A. Glickstein Foundation of Temple Beth Sholom of Miami Beach, Florida, Inc. Tax ID #65-0654717.



  • Designate Temple Beth Sholom as the beneficiary of all or part of your qualified retirement plan, such as an IRA or 401k.
  • Ask your attorney about charitable gifting through your IRA to avoid both estate and income tax.
  • Are you 70½ or older? Click here to learn about special benefits for income tax savings with IRA charitable giving.



  • Consider naming Temple Beth Sholom as a beneficiary of an existing policy.
  • Allows you to pledge a generous gift in the future with an affordable donation today. This is especially attractive to younger donors.



  • Income tax or estate tax deductions.
  • Capital gains tax benefits.



  • Immediate deduction of fair market value and avoids capital gains tax.
  • Gifts of highly appreciated securities benefit Temple Beth Sholom and may leverage income tax benefits.



  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Can be set up at lifetime or at death.
  • Benefit your family and Temple Beth Sholom.
  • Contact your financial advisor for more information.



  • Jewelry, art, collectibles

If you are considering a gift to Temple Beth Sholom, the end of the year is a wonderful time to give. There are many tax benefits for giving to a 501(c)(3) qualified charity, such as Temple Beth Sholom.  Here are some benefits you should know about:

  • A gift to a qualified charitable organization may entitle you to a deduction against your income tax if you itemize deductions.
  • A contribution is deductible in the year in which it is paid.
  • There are limits to how much you can deduct and they are very high.
  • Rules exist for non-cash donations.
  • Temple Beth Sholom will send you a tax letter for your records.