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Social Justice

“Justice, Justice, shall you pursue” 

(Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9).

The mission of the Social Justice Network (SJN) is to repair the world (tikkun olam) by motivating and educating our congregation to serve and advocate.

Throughout the years, we have focused on issue areas such as criminal justice reform, immigration rights, gun violence prevention, and food insecurity. We have partnered with several organizations around Miami and the state of Florida to advance our mission of creating a just and equitable society. Ongoing community partnerships include the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, the Florida Immigrant Coalition, and the American Friends Service Committee of Miami.

There are various ways to get involved in Social Justice at Temple Beth Sholom:

Meet the team

“Some religions require a leap of faith; Judaism requires a leap of ACTION.”  – Abraham Heschel

2023-2024 Temple Beth Sholom Social Justice Network Team of Representatives:


Social Justice Network Co-Chairs | Rachel Unger and Andrea Wagner 

Mitzvah Day Co-Chairs | Ashley Weissman and Caryn Pardo

Soup Contest Co-Chairs | Karen Sepsenwol, Dana Grodin and Jody Gross

Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Co-Chairs | Lauren Cantor and Hilary Feldman  

PACT Representatives | Jonathan Sepsenwol, Rachel Unger, Craig Berko, Rabbi Jessica Jacobs, Sofia Morales and Doris Galindo

RAC-FL Representatives – Reproductive Rights Campaign | Myra Spindel and Barbara Gelber

jLAB Representative | Sofia Morales

Innovative School Representative | Doris Galindo

BESHTY Representatives | Vanessa Levy and Matthew Clark 

Sisterhood Representative | Dana Grodin

Brotherhood Representative | Evan Marks

The Tribe Program Coordinator |   

Blessings in a Backpack Co-Chairs | Tiffany Hurwitz, Kelsey Levy and Marina Ganopolsky

Lotus House Chair | Suzanne Meltzer 

Bags of Happiness Chair | Suzanne Meltzer

Mazon Co- Chairs I | Richard French and Carolyn West

Beach Cleanup Co-Chairs Doris Galindo and Stacy Savett

Giving Back to Gibson Park Chair | Suzanne Meltzer 

The Ronald McDonald House Co-Chairs | Suzanne Meltzer and Ryan Meltzer

Buddy System MIA Community Refrigerator |

Exchange for Change Prison Visits | Nina Mandel

Freedom to Read Task Force | Val Schimel and Rachel Unger

Sustainability Task Force | Nancy Gonzalez, Steven Chaneles and Doris Galindo

Social Justice Program Director | Jeffrey Agron

Rabbinic Advisor | Rabbi Jessica Jacobs

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