Get Involved

At Temple Beth Sholom we have a number of ways to get involved and to make an impact within our temple programs and within the community at large. Check out the different committees below that welcome your participation! Our are listed in alphabetical order.


The mission of the Social Justice Network (SJN) is to repair the world (tikkun olam) by motivating and educating our congregation to serve and advocate.


When women get together, magic happens.


Our Temple Brotherhood was founded to unite the men of the congregation. Our mission is to create a sense of community among the members of the brotherhood, their families, and the congregation.

panim el panim logo. Varying color circles surrounding a center blue circle that says Panim el Panim on the left and face to face on the right.

Panim el Panim

When was the last time you had a truly meaningful conversation? Panim el Panim is an opportunity to deeply connect in a small group with meaningful conversations.


The Budget Committee assists in preparation of the annual budget for each department within the temple and reviews the actual results versus what was budgeted.

Co-Chair: Jeff Graff |

Co-Chair: Etan Mark |

Budget Subcommittees

  • Administration 

Chair: Gary Rosenberg |

  • SLJ/Youth 

Co-chair: Ethan Grossman |

Co-chair: Mark Weithorn |

  • Early Childhood and TBSIS 

Co-Chair: Aaron Tandy |

The Building and Grounds Committee coordinates with senior staff to oversee the utilization and condition of the Temple’s physical plant, as well as related repairs, maintenance, and capital improvements.

Chair: Steve Chaneles |

The Congregational Engagement Committee provides connections and engagement opportunities to our members through the following subcommittees

Chair: Mike Weinberg |

Congregational Engagement Subcommittees

  • New Members Works with new members as they transition to life at Temple Beth Sholom. Helps plan events for new members and serves as mentors. Coordinates new-member baskets, Sukkot Event, Open Houses and New Member Shabbats.

Chair: Phyllis Winston

  • Brotherhood Plans activities and programs for the men of Temple Beth Sholom, including outings, lectures, ball games, and mitzvah opportunities are just a few examples of what is available. For information about upcoming events click here.

Chair: Josh Laurence

  • Evolving Nesters  Creates programs and opportunities for adults whose children no longer live at home. The committee will work to provide meaningful and fulfilling activities for this demographic with changing and “evolving” priorities.  For information about upcoming events click here.

Chair: Anna Shustack |

  • Inclusion Takes action to ensure that all aspects of congregational life are accessible, welcoming, and fulfilling for individuals with special challenges.  Will initially focus on those with mobility, visual, and hearing impairments by improving the synagogue’s physical building, providing accommodations, and raising the awareness and sensitivity of our temple community to these issues.

Co-Chair: Robin Straus Furlong |

Co-Chair: Judith Greene |

  • Post B’nei Mitzvah Families  Addresses the needs of  parents and children to keep them connected to Temple Beth Sholom after their simcha and steward their engagement as active congregants.

Chair: Craig Berko |

The Fine Arts Committee promotes and coordinates art that elevates our gallery space while bridging diversity and understanding among all religious and cultural backgrounds. For information on our current art exhibit and artist(s) click here.

Co-chair: Terry Jove |

Co-chair: Ariane Davis |

The Israel Committee strengthens the personal connection between our members and the People, Land and State of Israel through education, advocacy and travel experiences. To learn more about Israel visit our Israel section on this site.

Chair: Jonathan Sepsenwol |

The Legacy Endowment committee commits to growing an endowment that is able to ensure the financial security of Temple Beth Sholom now and for generations to come.

Chair: Steven Pardo |

The Nominating Committee interviews and selects temple members for vacant positions on the Board of Trustees and presents this slate to be voted on by the congregation at our annual meeting.

Chair: Jack Karson |

The Personnel Committee reviews all contracts of senior staff and clergy and makes recommendations as to renewal terms and conditions for board consideration and approval. In addition, we are tasked with implementing an annual evaluation process of senior staff and clergy.

Co-Chair: Michael Levinson |  

Co-Chair: Lisa Cicero |

The Security Committee advises and supervises in all matters relating to the security of the synagogue building and its membership.

Chair: Jose Benrey |

Sisters In The ‘Hood is the women’s auxiliary arm of Temple Beth Sholom  fosters social, service, and spiritual connections for all women  congregants across the generations.  For information about upcoming events click here.

Co-President: Phyllis Winston |

Co-President: Kim Haber |

The SJN’s mission is to repair the world (tikkun olam) by motivating and educating our congregation to serve and advocate. To learn more about this group click here.

Co-Chair: Rachel Unger |

Social Justice Network Subcommittees

  • Blessings in a Backpack | Tiffany Hurwitz and Marina Lubow
  • Children’s Home Society | Cheryl Zuckerman and Diana Rosen
  • Keeping it Clean! | Rachel Unger and Allison Greenfield
  • Mazon Feeding Program | Alice Miller and Fred and Linda Friedman
  • Mitzvah Day Co-Chairs | Rachel Samek and Caryn Musaffi
  • PACT Reps | Denis Russ  and Jani Singer
  • Ronald McDonald House | Suzanne Meltzer and Lisa Cicero
  • Take Stock in Children | Jodi Gallant

The spirituality council envisions ways to enhance the opportunities for Jewish spiritual growth and engagement at TBS through a variety of pathways – such as prayer, meditation and yoga, music-based inspiration, Shabbat experiences, Torah study, and life-cycle events – as well as engagement with the outside world, cultivated through activities ranging from social justice to appreciation and experiences with nature and art.

Chair: Michael Berman |

Vice-Chair: Holly Wallack |


The Tribe’s mission is to cultivate a supportive, stimulating and inclusive environment for South Florida’s diverse young Jewish people, empowering them with the skills to become leaders and take positive action in support of our community and beyond.

Director: Adam Trautenberg |

The youth education committee oversees all aspects of our children’s Jewish education beginning with the Infant Care Level and continuing through the Foundation School Level, the School of Living Judaism, our b’nei mitzvah program, confirmation, and youth programming for children through 18 years old.

Education Chair: Suzanne Meltzer |

Immediate Past Chair: Cyndy Albert |

Youth Education Subcommittees

  • Innovative School Infant/Toddler and Foundation Levels: This subcommittee provides good governance oversight, topic oriented discussion and guidance for the Infant/Toddler and Foundation Levels.

Co-Chair: Caryn Musaffi |

Co-Chair: Amy Ostroff |

  •  Innovative School Elementary Level: This subcommittee reviews the policies and procedures for the Elementary Level and helps to determine the best practices to integrate our students and their families into the communal fabric of Temple Beth Sholom.

Co-Chair: Johanna Reyes |

Co-Chair: Aaron Tandy | 

  • Parent-Child, Camp, After-School: This subcommittee provides guidance and governance to ensure the highest quality programming is in place for camp, enrichment and extracurricular classes.

Co-Chair: Katie Nullman |

Co-Chair: Andrea Wagner |

  • School for Living Judaism (SLJ): This subcommittee focuses on programming and reviewing the policies and procedures that best serve the educational programs for children beginning in Kindergarten, including the B’nei Mitzvah preparation through our Confirmation curriculum.

Co-Chair: Allison Greenfield |

Co-Chair: Cheryl Zuckerman |

  • Youth Committee: This subcommittee advises on the best possible youth experiences through the review of the JTravel program as well as the URJ’s youth programming opportunities. Opportunities such as mini BESHTY, BESHTY, and various travel adventures are available to enrich our children’s educational experience.

Co-Chair: Bart Chepenik | 

Co-Chair: Carrie Wiesenfeld |