With open arms we invite everyone who seeks to experience a warm and welcoming spiritual home to join us here at Temple Beth Sholom in the heart of vibrant Miami Beach, Florida.

Established in 1942 as the first liberal URJ-affiliated Reform synagogue in the area, Temple Beth Sholom (House of Peace) has consistently been an energetic, growing congregation embracing all who are interested in joining our community. Ours is a friendly, large, and diverse group encompassing individuals of every age and demographic from the local and international Jewish community. Our temple family includes interfaith couples and families, single parents, young couples, seniors, many ethnic backgrounds, members of the LGBT community, and more.

Our clergy and entire congregation look forward to developing a meaningful connection with all those who walk through our doors to worship with us now and for generations to come.  Explore and discover all we have to offer at Temple Beth Sholom and become a part of our family.


Temple Beth Sholom is a vibrant, inclusive Jewish congregation in Miami Beach affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. We develop meaningful relationships and transformative experiences by committing to our core values.

Core Values

  • Spirituality (עבודה, Avodah): We seek spiritual growth bound by a common desire to live mindful Jewish lives.
  • Education (תורה, Torah): We encourage lifelong learning to deepen our knowledge and observance of Jewish traditions.
  • Community (קהילה, Kehilah): We offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all who seek affiliation with our synagogue by providing cultural, educational, personal and social opportunities that connect us to each other.
  • Israel (ישראל, Yisrael): We support the Jewish people, the land of Israel and the State of Israel.
  • Repairing The World (תקון עולם, Tikkun Olam): We pursue peace and equality within our congregation and throughout the world through social justice, charitable giving and acts of loving-kindness.